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4 Critical Elements Your Tax Depreciation Report Shouldn't Miss

Sometimes, the property tax deduction calculator might fail to highlight every claim. Most property owners miss out on assets contained in a tax depreciation report. However, working with experts skilled in ATO property depreciation can prove helpful. They can assist you to save thousands of bucks every year. While you can make your claims as an investor, you're likely using the wrong schedule. Consulting a professional quantity surveyor can assist you to prepare a comprehensive depreciation report. 

The following are four crucial elements your tax depreciation report should include: 

Scrapped Items

After property renovations, some finite or zero-value items can be left behind. While you might be tempted to get rid of such items, it's imperative to think twice about it. Interestingly, unused or old items on your property often have a residual value. Property owners can, in turn, claim a final depreciation sum on scrap items like carpets, electrical appliances and etc.  

Common Indoor Equipment

Property owners can also claim depreciation on common indoor assets. However, most of them are unaware of the features they share with the rest of the units on the property. Generally, property owners are eligible to claim deductions for their portion of shared assets as well. To avoid losing more savings annually, a reputable quantity surveyor can help you with such matters and remove any doubts. Common indoor assets might include AC systems, fire extinguishers, escalators, ventilation units and hot water systems. 

Common Outdoor Items

Apart from claiming indoor items, it's possible to claim outdoor items, including landscaping features like pergolas, pathways or fencing. Additionally, you can claim depreciation on shared outdoor assets like swimming pools on your property. However, you might not be eligible to claim some outdoor items like turf or plants. 

Design Professionals' And Council Fees

Your depreciation report might also include fees paid to design professionals for tax deductions. Thus, it's paramount to provide your quantity surveyor with the receipts for services rendered. Additionally, you must pay your local council for other necessary services required. For instance, you might be required to carter for application fees and local council permits. You'll be required to invest in vital infrastructure, including footpaths and gutters during the renovation or construction phase. That means when preparing your depreciation schedule, ensure you include these items. 

Final Thoughts 

It's vital to assess your depreciation report and ensure it contains all the items discussed above. Missing an item means missing out on lucrative ATO tax incentives entitled to you. Seek proper valuation for your property and help from professionals to create an accurate tax depreciation report.